The smartest

mortgage broker

platform ever built

Imagine a seamless lead management platform that could help you do your job. One that talked like you, managed customers like you, even generated leads like you. Now imagine it did all the boring bits that you don’t like doing – collecting documents, sending messages, even scheduling appointments. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Oh wait. Meet Effi. Your new bestfriend which does all the above and more.
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Never Miss A Sales
Opportunity Again

When you can sell anywhere, you grow faster. So as soon as a lead comes into the system, Effi is on the case. Effi uses Artificial intelligence to learn from the best – you. Your customers get a message right away and are prompted to book an appointment. With 2-way calendar sync, Effi effortlessly finds a time that works for both of you and locks it in.

And with 24/7 response capability, Effi makes sure you never sleep on a lead.

Simply Manage
Your Customers

Effi is a one-stop to help you engage with your customers and get more done. The more leads you effectively deal with, the more sales you can make. Effi keeps everything you need to know about your leads in one place

  • Manage your email and SMS conversations
  • View appointments and check the status of documents
  • Easy document upload and bank statement collection
  • 2-way portal view to ensure you customers are aligned
  • Automatic redaction of TFN, and document renaming make the whole process silky smooth

Put Your Business
In The Lead

You can’t make great sales without great leads. Use your leads and ours. We partner with leading high-traffic home loan comparison websites to give you access to high-quality leads, ensuring new customers are constantly coming through the door. When you’ve got an active lead quota of at least five leads, your profile goes up on the comparison platforms for the whole world to see – those looking for a mortgage anyway. As soon as a lead comes in from them, Effi helps you take care of the rest.

Get Your Team Operating
At Their Best

Sell Anywhere, Anytime And Deliver Great Customer Experiences

Effi uses data and reporting to track and maximize effectiveness. Track broker response times, conversion forecasting, lender approval times, referral performance, customer responses, and so much more.

Effi sorts out all the small details to help you see the big picture. Whether your team is big or small, Effi will help them perform like never before.

Automate Your SMS Follow-Ups With Our Smartest
Virtual Assistant

Do you know SMS has 99% open rate and still mortgage brokers rely on email or phone call to engage their leads? Drive 70% more engagement with lost or less engaged leads through AI- powered SMS conversation and book in instant calendar appointments with reminders, saving you time and money calling each lead. Run SMS campaigns on your leads and watch all customer SMS conversations with our virtual assistant in real time with ability to intervene and respond.

Yep, We're
Superbly Priced

Effi is available on a monthly subscription basis, starting from $49 plus GST per month. Effi even offers access to conveyancing and insurance.

We offer three different levels, for individual brokers to large enterprise- Lite, Full and Enterprise - each of which come at a very competitive price.

Check out the features of each level below.

The Ultimate Platform For Mortgage Brokers.

Our features help you be more productive and efficient to grow your business.

Your business branded borrower portal

Your business branded borrower dashboard allows your leads to communicate with you, send unlimited loan application documents and bank statements securely without getting charged per client, and builds your business brand

Effortless document and electronic bank statement collection

Create your custom document templates with automated reminders and TFN redaction. Collect bank statements electronically with the ability to customise time period for each lead and categorise income/expenses

2-way calendar sync

Organise your schedule better by giving your customers the visibility they need to book in meetings. Our 2-way sync updates your calendar in real-time regardless of time zone and where the change was made

Powerful Email Marketing Automation

Powerful email marketing automation to send targeted and personalized messages, based on prospect’s interests, and improve your chances of converting enquiry into happy customer. Up to 500 contacts per user with unlimited email sending are included. Additional contacts can be purchased from within the portal

Smarter Lead Management Platform

Smarter lead management platform with automated follow-up reminders and tasks assignments to your team members so you have more time to sell

Access additional revenue or funds for growth

Get additional revenue through our partners or access quick funding to grow your business

Complete Aggregator Integration

Effi automatically syncs 2-way with Salestrekker so you don't have to enter information and documents again

Secure and compliant platform

We employ only secure HTTPS connections, where all information is encrypted, with daily backups. For optimized performance and compliance, your data is hosted in Sydney, Australia

Two-way portal view to ensure you and your customers are aligned

Impersonate borrower dashboard anytime and help your borrowers complete the information by adding information at your end

Purchase appointments from high traffic comparison websites

Showcase your profile on high traffic websites for the whole world to see and receive enquiries from borrowers who select you only to discuss their loan requirements

Send SMS from your phone or our smart Bot

Sync your phone to send SMS from your mobile number or use our AI-powered SMSbot to re-engage lost leads or nuture leads to book an appointment with you

Reporting and e-signature (Full version only)

View performance of all brokers within your business in real-time with actionable insights to realise the full potential of your brokers

Get one platform to become a successful modern mortgage broker and start growing your business today

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